Motorcycle Camera 4″ IPS MT003 GPS Dual DVR Moto Camera WiFi Dash Cam 1080P HD Motorbike Electronics Sport Camera Waterproof


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Menu Function:

1. Resolution

1)720P is a video mode with a resolution of 1280*720. The recorded video is moderately sharp and the corresponding video storage is moderate.
2)1080P is a video mode with a resoluton of 1920*1080.
The recorded video has high definiton and the corresponding video storage is large.
2. Double recording video
Simultaneously record two lenses .
3. Loop video
Video file storage tme were 3,5,10 minutes a file option, loop recording.

4.Interval recording

Video files are 100,200,500ms time to start recording.
5. High dynamic range
The time watermark refers to the time displayed in the video recording or the photos taken. The time in the video playback mode will be updated by itself. There are”open” and “off” options.
6. Exposure compensation
As noted in the current visual effects, respectvely, +3, +2,+1, 0, -1, -2 six optons available.
7. Moton detection
When the machine is in the standby state, the camera will automatically monitor the presence or absence of moving objects in front.
When the moving object is detected, the machine will automatically record it, and continue to enter the monitoring state afer recording the video.
8. Recording
On / Off recording function.
9. Date label
When recording a movie, the file name indicates the time and date of recording.
10. Gravity sensor
Afer the collision of G-sensor, the video can be recorded immediately to prevent it from being overwriten.
11. Parking guarded

The switch enables parking monitoring.
12. License plate number
Set the current driving license plate number.
13. Headlight reminder
Headlights reminder setngs.
14.GPS (Optional,Not Included)

View the dynamic and driving trajectory in real tme through Beidou positoning.

Package Included:

1x Motorcycle Main DVR IP5X
1x 1080P IP67 Front Lens
1x 720P IP67 Rear Lens
2x Extension Cable
1x Hard Wire
1x Bracket
4x Screws
1x User Manual

Note:Need you choose the Micro SD &GPS option then will include.

WIFI function:

APP Store DOWN”Road Cam”or “DVRuning2”
1)Scan the code to download the wifi sofware of the corresp
onding model.
2)Select the correct WiFi name and connect OK;
3)Open the app to connect and browse.

If the browsing fails, please repeat the above wifi connection.


Operating system : Windows XP/7/8/10
Chipset : 1080P/720P
Sensor : Coms image sensor
Display screen : 4-inch full HD LCD display
Lens area : 140 degree wide angle
Video player : MOV
Photo format : Jpeg
Video resolution : 1920×1080,1280×720(Front 1080P + Rear 720P)
Video recording function : Supports separate recording,MP3 audio format
Storage capacity : ≤128G
Loop coverage recording : Support
WIFI : Support
Language :Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French,Korean,Japanese
Double-lens video : Support
Video recording automatically : Support
Transmission type : MINI USB 2.0
Parking monitoring : Support
GPS : Optional
Working temperature : -10°C~ 65°C
Protecton level : Camera IP67, Host IP5X

Power supply : DC 12V/1A


Q: Can not booting
A: Make sure the vehicle is in the igniton-on state, manually press the power buton to turn it on or the pinhole to reset.
Q: APP can't connect
A: Please make sure that the SD card is faulty or the host is working properly. You can restart the system to replace other APP tests by replacing the SD card or pressing the [Reset] key.
Q: Recorder cannot record
A: Please make sure that the SD card is faulty or the system is normal. The system can be restarted by replacing the sd card, sd card formatng or reset.
Q: APP screen is not smooth
A: Try to keep the number of mobile back-end sofware as small as possible and bring the phone closer to the recorder. You can close the app and reuse it.
Q: Unclear picture quality
A: Check the recorder lens or the car windshield for dirt.

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How to Receive the package ?
1: This is the electronic product, so sometimes easy damage by shipping, or somewhere no working.
So when you saw the itme package box is Severe extrusion or deformation, please help make a video of open thepackage.
This will help us save more time to confirm the problem and make refund. If damage item by shipping, the shipper will bear some loss.
How to do if you get some problem and can not be slove by yourself ?
1: When you have the problem how to use the item, please leave message into the order, our worker will reply you in 24 hours.
We will on work from Monday to Saturday Chinese BeiJing Time 10:30 to 17:30. In this time you can ask us the technical questions. We will have engineer online to help you slove the problem. If we can not reply in 24 hours, please send more message again.
Other times we will just reply the message, if on Sunday, please leave us your question into the order or wait on Monday to contact us online.If you think your question is not easy to slove, please find a free time to keep online to ask us to help you.
What problem can open the dispute ?
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Sometimes if real have problem we will make some refund, or full refund. This all need you contact us to talk about the problem first, do not worry, any problems we will help you slove it first, if we can not help you slove the problem for a long time, you can open dispute to ask refund.
2: When you get the problem of the item features, Please don't open dispute first, feature problems most because of the country reason or the technology reason. So contact us to help you slove the problem will be best !

Additional information

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Motorcycle Head



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Special Features


GPS logger


Display Size


Image Stabilization

Electronic Image Stabilization

Imaging Sensor

1/4 Color Cmos

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Video Code


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Memory Card Required Reding Speed

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